About Richard

Discovering his passion for photography as a teenager, Richard soon pursued a formal education in photography. Sibbald quickly went on to become one of Canada’s leading photographers with an eclectic career that includes shooting the world’s most celebrated music artists, movie stars, models and rock bands. Clients include (you add celeb names here) LOL!, while his corporate clients include Sony Music, Rolling Stone magazine, Adidas, Nike ,UFC ,Coca-Cola, Universal, .....

Creating a captivating image that tells a story is one thing, but it’s just as important that the image achieves the commercial goals of my client”.

Richard’s ability to tell a story with his lens is what has driven his success. He also takes great pride and detail in making a point of understanding what his client is hoping to achieve with the images he shoots. This ensures he not only delivers images on time and within budget, but that they also achieve the goals of the campaign they’re attached to.

Richard is also recognized for his ability to work closely and collaboratively with those in front of his lens to create a relaxed environment in which to work. This is achieved through is lighthearted, unassuming yet highly focused demeanor.

I can spend hours lighting and shooting a subject but to really ensure I’m capturing the best images possible it’s key that the subject is at their most comfortable and feels the session is collaborative”.

On a personal level Richard fuels his visual-storytelling passion by travelling the world shooting interesting portraits of some pretty cool people.